This technology client in the UK had developed a digital transformation capability in a few years time. As they started having clients visiting the competence centre, they realised they needed a clear and consistent story that could inspire and engage potential clients.


We started from a common vision and plan we had developed with them in a previous session. Then we visualised the history of the centre. Seeing it all on the wall helped us breaking it down in episodes and decided on what the core story was. Once we had that, we also illustrated it, so it could get displayed in the entrance hall of the centre. We also worked out the rest of the stories, anecdotal episodes with visual anchor points which could be used when appropriate with clients during their visits. We trained the ambassadors in storytelling and helped them during the first visits to deliver an excellent visitor experience.


They grew as a team, learned that visualisation and storytelling allowed them to interact more deeply with their clients and co-workers visiting the centre. They moved from presentations to conversations, which completely changed the visitor experience. Various clients started co-creating with the centre’s experts and have signed on after the visit.

Great facilitator who has the skillset to translate our business discussions into short, crisp, to-the-point facts that helped us getting to a project plan in a very short period of time.
— Global Technology Company, Global Sales Development Manager