Graphic Facilitation

We visually record and/or facilitate your meetings and conferences on large murals.
This is called graphic facilitation. It stimulates group learning, increases participation and creates a collective memory of the event.
Our customers like that our visuals provide insight and clarity on the problems that need solving.
We do it live, on stage, in small or big rooms, in studio or in class rooms. We just can’t help it.

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You want more effective meetings? With live facilitation and drawing on a large paper or wall, we lead you towards a goal and create a collective image of the thought process.

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You need a clear and consistent story about a complex topic? We turn information into simple stories through illustrations, infographics and presentations.

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You want to enhance collective memory? During meetings or events, we record key messages live on a big mural to help the audience digest loads of information.

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You want to be more effective and engaging in meetings? Learn the basics of visual facilitation and live drawing to increase participation and achieve better outcomes.

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